He Domo Kadesh Question Detention

He Domo Kadesh Question Detention – Resep masakan – Domo Village Head Kampar Kiri subdistrict Usman Dani , questioning his arrest by the police in the case of gambling in Fold fabric in the last week . Because according to him , he did not do the gambling activities .

” At that time I was eating cake and being in a different room in the shop , I originally asked the police to come to the police station for questioning as a witness , but instead I were arrested , ” he told the Riau Pos Bangkinang . Continue reading



Frog (English : frog ) and Frog aka bangkong ( b. England : toad ) is the most well known animal amphibian people in Indonesia . Children usually love frogs and toads because of the funny , often jumping up and down , never bite and do no harm . Only adults who often feel disgusted or unwarranted fear of the frog .
Both kinds of this animal looks like . Frog was short , stocky or thin , slightly stooped -backed , four-legged and no tail ( Anura : a not , ura tail ) . Toads generally smooth -skinned , moist , with long hind legs . obat tradisional sariawan Instead Frog or berbintil rough – skinned bangkong until berbingkul – bingkul nodule , often dry , and often short hind legs alone , so many jump far less intelligent . However, these two terms are often used interchangeably .
Toads and frogs begin life as eggs laid its parent in the water, in foam nests , or in other damp places . Several types of mountain frog lay her eggs in the wet moss on the trees . While other types of forest frogs leave their eggs in male frog ‘s back damp , which will always keep and bring it to hatch even to be frog spawn frog kecil.Sekali can produce 5000-20000 eggs , depending on the quality of the parent and takes place three times a year .
The eggs hatch into a toad and frog tadpoles or tadpoles ( b. England : Tadpole ) , who was like a fat fish , breathing with gills and for some time lived in the water . Will slowly grow back foot , which is then followed by the growth of the front legs , the disappearance of the tail and gills with the alternation of the lungs . After his time , the tadpoles will jump ashore as a small frog or toad .
Toads and frogs mating at certain times , for example during the month off or on when approaching rain . At that time the male frogs will beep – sound to call females , from the edge or the middle of the waters . Some species , such as the moor frog ( Fejervarya limnocharis ) and bullfrog closely aka belentung ( Kaloula baleata ) , often forming ‘ singing group ‘ , in which some male animals gathered close together and reads bersahut-replication . Loud noise produced by the frog voice sac located around his neck , which would be a big bulge when used .
Fertilization in frogs done outside the body . Male frog will cling on the back of the female and the female armpit hugged from behind . While swimming in the water , the hind legs of male frogs will massage and stimulate the female frog stomach