He Domo Kadesh Question Detention

He Domo Kadesh Question Detention – Resep masakan – Domo Village Head Kampar Kiri subdistrict Usman Dani , questioning his arrest by the police in the case of gambling in Fold fabric in the last week . Because according to him , he did not do the gambling activities .

” At that time I was eating cake and being in a different room in the shop , I originally asked the police to come to the police station for questioning as a witness , but instead I were arrested , ” he told the Riau Pos Bangkinang .

Usman Dani is currently deposited in prisons dizolimi Bangkinang felt himself , because he did not feel it was done in addition to obatalamiterbaru.blogspot.com two other village leaders are still vague , also not given sanction .

” Including one of the teachers who are still fleeing , he said the law should provide a fair sanction , ” he said .

Meanwhile , Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Kampar police chief Ary Apriyono through Foldable Fabric Kampar Kiri AKP SSos SH MH Emery explained , Usman Dani and four suspects gambling Bangkinang deposited in prisons due to space constraints at the police station .

As for the other two village heads and it was still a teacher ‘s pursuit . ” We ‘ve been working with the district and the family as the head of the village is the apparatus of government , but we will still continue to pursue , ” he said .


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