Dibokor race – race looking for mud crab ( Scylla sp ) traditional manually or by using a foot without a chemical in the local lingo called ngujah ghame Party will be held on Bokor River , in the district of West stimuli , Meranti Islands , 24-25 June 2013 .

” This event will be held at Park Yong Ghame Ali , Dusun Durian , Village Bokor , ” kolang kaling said Chairman Bathin Galang Studio Sopandi Rozaly , in a press release received Riauekbis , in Pekanbaru , yesterday .

In the event of Bokor River Party 2013 held Bathin Galang Studio will also be conducted various competitions such as canoe racing , race menggolek tual sago , fishing competition senepak , race play seneingkik , river tourism and art attractions on the banks of the River Bokor .

Sopandi who is also the chairman of the event hope that the cooperation between communities and the presence of a number of sponsors who are ready to succeed these activities . ” We want this event a success as expected , ” said Sopandi


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